AusCraft Winter July 8-9 2023

AusCraft Winter July 8-9 2023
16 players -$2,500 prize pool

We're excited once again to have Starcraft 2 return to LAN for Brisvegas Winter 2023. SC2 will only be running for the 8th and 9th July (sat/sun). With another $2,500 AUD prize pool.

Last event we had 13 players register and we're keen to see that fill up to 16 this time around.

We will have 8 player PC's setup and available for the Saturday and Sunday event. The additional PC's will allow us to get through games a bit more smoothly and we've addressed some of the issues we faced last time and hope that we can deliver an even better tournament this time around.

SC2 Registrations are open:

Auscraft Winter 2023 | Player Signup Form
Hey there! Thank you for signing up for Auscraft Winter 2023. We are hosting a 16 player, 2 day Starcraft 2 event at BrisVegasLAN. You will be required to bring a keyboard, mouse, mousepage and headset. We do have spare keyboards, mice and mousepads available. BrisVegas Winter 2023 will run fro…

Head on over to our discord server and join the SC2 channel for more updates!

Costs and Prize Money

Registration fee is $50 per player. Total prize pool is $2,500. Payment for registration will be taken prior to the event and will be required to be considered a valid registration.

Prize pool distribution:

  • 1st: $1,000
  • 2nd: $700
  • 3rd: $400
  • 4th: $200
  • 5th: $100
  • 6th: $100

This is an in-person event. You will be expected to arrive on-time for games to start otherwise in the unfortunate scenario, your matches will be automatically forfeited if you are not there on time for player signin.

You are expected to be at the venue and checked in with the front-desk before 10:00am - if you arrive late or have no communicated clearly that you will be late your matches will be forfeited. No refunds are available if this is the case.

Reminder: this is an in-person LAN event, with Open Signups & no online qualifier/stage.

Players will be able to access the venue on the Friday, chill out & meet old friends or find new ones while having access to our Freeplay Area PC's.

Live Stream

Matches will be live streamed over at:

auscraftgg - Twitch
auscraftgg streams live on Twitch! Check out their videos, sign up to chat, and join their community.

Spectator tickets

Spectator passes are now available: $20 for all 3 days.

Spectator Tickets | BrisVegasLAN July 2023
Spectator tickets are now live for BrisVegasLAN July 7th - 9th 2023